Welcome to training with the CryoEmbedder. Throughout this series you will be shown everything you need to run a MOHs lab and process tissue for diagnosis. From this video series you will know how to map a specimen, identify its orientation, relax the tissue, apply ink, embed the specimen on flat plain, and cut the block.

Step 1: Setting Up a Lab

Keeping it simple

Just below are downloads for a Lab Procedure Manual, forms for a Mohs Lab Log Book, and suggested items for your laboratory and where to get them.

Step 2: A Day In the Lab

MOHS 6 Stage Process

Stage One – A complete stage from beginning to end including mapping, relaxation cuts, inking, embedding, cutting, staining and coverslipping.

Stage Two – What to do when Stage One is still positive for tumor

Stage Three – Demonstrating how to map, ink and embed and label the slide when there are 3 pieces on one stage

Stage Four – The importance of the map and specimen matching

StageFive – Block identification

Stage Six – Logging in start and finish time, Clean up

To navigate: Hover over main video and click forward or back buttons.

Other Videos

Pig Mapping & Relaxation Marking

Pig Mapping Inking Wedges

Coverslipping Techniques


End of Day Cleaning


MOHs Processing 1


MOHs  Processing 2